Need Kick-Ass Blog Content that Gets Results?

Stop. Halt. Look no further.

Let me take over your blogging needs. Because if there’s one thing I do well (and I mean REALLY well), then it is create blog content that begs to be read — and spread.

Links to Examples of My Work

The Art of Seducing Google with Great Content

7 Tips to Boost Your Site’s Conversion Rate Using Images

How to Use the Psychology of First Impressions to Get More Email Subscribers

Why Should You Hire Me?

  • More than eight years of blogging experience.
  • Knowledgeable on advanced online marketing/business topics.
  • Excel at meeting deadlines and delivering quality content on schedule.
  • Out of the box thinking and the ability to write compelling copy.
  • Robust research and analytical skills.
  • Comfortable using the WordPress CMS.
  • Enjoy developing fresh, creative angles when writing.
  • Love teaching, training and imparting knowledge to readers.

But You Don’t Have to Take My Word for It…

“With just 15 minutes into Mustafa reviewing my writing, I not only knew my biggest weakness as a writer but also learned how to improve. Since then, he’s my go-to man for all my writing-related-woes.” – Syed Naimath, Foundora


“If Mustafa is telling you about blog content writing, listen to him. He’ll teach you how to write an attention-grabbing headline without hyping it up. He’ll show you how to write openings that draw readers in. He’ll reveal his tricks for writing actionable content. In short: He knows what he’s talking about.” – Samar Owais, Freelance Flyer


“Mustafa is a dedicated professional who always delivers fantastic results. His writing is exceptional and persuasive. Not only that, he is very reliable and a wonderful person to work with. I would say it’s a rare combination that is hard to find in a copywriter.” – Cheneth Dagooc, Outsource Mate

I strongly feel…

… that people are done with regular “me-too” content. Today, they want content that gives them clarity, inspires them to take action and makes a real difference in their lives. Therefore, I strive to write on new, groundbreaking topics, instead of rehashing the same old stuff.


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